Monday, October 18, 2010

Asset Values

With the USD the way it has come under pressure, assets are now all mispriced and good currencies could face undeserved punishment by association. Investors and savers run to non-currency assets which will become bubbles. There will not be salvation for the majority in them. They will get killed. Uncle Sam is determined to get the world to pay its debts. Soon it could be America versus the world because they have no stomach for painful adjustments.

Prior to this, governments especially the US steal from us via the Inflation window. Then they needed the money to trickle in slowly. Now they need them in a hurry. It becomes less obvious and alarming. The instrument they are using is Quantitative Easing. Nothing new here, just copying the Japanese.

It is useless, they are going to fall into a liquidity trap, if they have not already.

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