Sunday, September 12, 2010

US must deal with homegrown terror problem


When is the US going to learn that you cannot destroy an enemy with missile, bombs and bullets when it is just a popular idea?

Who is the enemy: Political Islam.

Who is the friend: Personal Islam.

Question: Are Muslims moving over from Personal Islam to Political Islam? I don't know.

I understand Political Islam as a version of the religion which seeks to create a political zone where they can practice Sharia law in as pure fashion as possible. That would require an Islamic government or more modestly an Islamic village or town. Non-Muslim nations will be under pressure to create such enclaves so that the Muslims can live as they believed. Is that possible?

The Political Islam would want to grow, i.e., they must win converts or they must slowly over decades have many babies just as non-Muslims fail to replace themselves. Even if they succeed at winning many converts, which I can't see how, there will always be many who would not convert. What then? Create enclaves for non-believers, i.e., switching place from where they start.

All these are untenable. People of a nation must assimilate or be a melting pot. Political Islam as an ideology wouldn't die unless Personal Islam win adherents away from it. This is a tiring and exhaustive process.

I wonder what have we done to cause Political Islam to rise, and if it would cause other religions to raise barricades and heaven forbid offense against it. We should always keep religion out of politics.

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