Thursday, September 9, 2010

Killing me softly with FTs

Singapore: "Killing me softly with Foreign Talent; Killing me softly with love; Killing me softly with Foreign Talent, killing me softly with foreign, with foreign talent...."

Counterintuitive isn't it when she cannot get a job for well more than a year. The hirers want you to the "t"s. They are "spoilt" like Singaporeans. They are spoilt like HNWs. Somehow they are prepared to live without the professionals than to bring in people that meet 90% of their requirements and let them grow/learn the 10%. The exception we have come across is HP and she almost get the job.

These employers will inevitably go to the the government to bring in FTs. Locals will not get the chance to learn, so they will have to also look outside the country just like the companies here hire foreign. Exactly as I have grasped conceptually but now I have another example to make it concrete. It is the process of  scenario "Death vs Assimilation". Pieces of Singapore go out making us less Singaporean, and chunks of foreigners enter helping to make it even less Singaporean. It is naive to think they coming to work and live here, they would want to be like us. Most are only staying for as long as it is meaningful. It is a one night stand my dear, nobody is talking marriage here. 

Unless the global pendulum of market fundamentalism swings to the other side in a hurry, Singapore will be mortally injured because we have sold our soul.

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