Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capitalism needs an enemy

I wonder if Capitalism need a strong enemy to thrive, without which it might destroy itself from its own ultimate contradictions.

The strongest opponent Capitalism can have since the demise of Communism is governments, which are very much weaker. Also governments are divided. Some embrace Capitalism with open arms and even adopt it as their favorite pet. Those who oppose Capitalism loses out in the short term, and as we know in the long term, Keynes remind us, we are all dead anyway.

Therefore Capitalism can play the field with abandon. Eventually it will risk destroying itself. The only ideology today that might eventually challenge it is Islam. Governments are no match unless united, which of course, is impossible.

Capitalism needs a strong enemy or it will go overboard. Marx was right, but he might only from getting Communism wrong. I wonder how many in the CCP believes that Capitalism is a stepping stop to Socialism.

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