Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Singapore Dream

There is the American Dream. Is there a Singapore Dream? Not there is, but there was. Too afraid to articulate it now because the future has become too uncertain, which is just simply a more positive spin to we no longer are able to look over the horizon like Dr. Goh was able. Government leaders speak of a brighter future not necessary for the people but for the country. Meanwhile the ideology here that community before the individual makes it convenient for the community, which I suspect is getting smaller in size to push ahead leaving behind many because we cannot slow down for them. Why? Because time and tide waits for no man.

Our leaders might still be good but they are also less able than those before. The trend is not encouraging. Families and individuals have to help themselves better. The government is getting less reliable. They expend the greater of their effort on Businesses, especially the MNCs with the naive belief that wealth created would trickle down. We are not many years far away to learn that is a false premise to run the economy.

A nation with a tired paradigm but unsure what to replace it with.

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