Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flooding more frequently

I thought it was quite an achievement as I listened to the recorded presentation on flood control at the Marina Barrage a few months ago. Forward a few months, it appeared the boast was quite empty.

The system assumes that the drains, canals and water ways would not be clogged. The PUB is in charge of the system but the NEA, a separate agency takes care of keeping our environment clean. I suppose the two do not coordinate their work.

When it floods, the PUB get the brickbats. The NEA has so far succeeded at staying invisible. The PM doesn't seem to address the issue directly. Might as well he had remained silent.

A last big flood at Bukit Timah, the Environment and Water Resources Minister spoke. This time Mr. Yaccob Ibrahim was very quiet.

One Iranian born shop keeper has $300K worth of Persian carpets ruined when flood waters entered his shop in Changi. He complained abut the useless canal at the back of the shop. I supposed he must have had so much confidence in the authorities, he didn't feel the need to purchase insurance.

In the new Singapore, we better learn to rely on ourselves a lot more than our parents lean on the government. Those who have understood Lee Hsien Loong's message of "safe to fail" a few years ago at the annual National Rally Speech are better off.

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