Sunday, January 3, 2010

More religious and less spiritual

I read with dismay the quarrel over the use of the world "Allah" in Malaysia. But this is one the last of a long series of events. People, especially Muslims are becoming more religious and wonder this is accompanied by more spirituality and morality.

The way are fighting over words, hoy books, religious practices and symbols make me doubt ther spirituality and morality are anywhere equal to their religiosity.

Some American Christian preachers are praying for their President to die. They aren't oppressed like some from the Muslim quarter, otherwise I think we are seeing the birth of the Christian terrorist already.

Religion looks like it has taken a terrible bend, and we are all losers. Governments can fight the security wars but are powerless with the wars of ideology or theology. Peace loving theologians seem so powerless to arrest these trends. I wonder if some are not event decamping to the radically intolerant side.

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