Thursday, December 10, 2009

Conflict of Interest

ST Front page today is an article about SGX revising its rules for listed companies. Reminded me of the article you shared earlier on S-chips. All these were inevitable when you give the then regulator business responsibilities. This has been going on across the Singapore governance landscape. Usually the man in the street becomes the final sucker. That is why it is important not to trust blindly. Always verify especially when investing money. In real life we only have so much time, energy and knowledge and we are forced to stick with the familiar because there is so much cheating going on out there.

The market system has brought us many benefits but it is also going into a "limits of growth" situation where the ill effects start to outweigh the benefits. Just as the thermometer measures our disease risk, the shortening of pay back does the same for measuring the health of the market system.

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