Thursday, September 3, 2009

A beautiful message

Here is a card from a friend to all of us. Looks like she has covered every ground. Also she probably isn't writing to young people. You can tell from the list of challenges and trials the folks are facing. Young people today, old tomorrow, you know what could be in store for you. Prepare now even if it means having less of a life now.

Ok, I'm sure that some of you are saying, "OH NO, not another greeting card from that crazy woman!"

But today I know of at least one friend who is VERY near to the California wild fires; one friend who was at work, on the 13th floor of a building in Jarkarta when a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit; one friend who is living with multiple sclerosis; one friend who is grieving the loss of two beloved pets; one friend who is raising a child with autism; one friend who is in between homes;. other friends who are facing career, relationship, financial or health challenges; a few who may think that they are all alone; several who think that their government has gone to hell in a hand basket; several who are gripped by fears of the future; and, one or two who are having a crisis of faith.

So, here's another card because I don't always know what you're going through on any given day but I always care.


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