Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paul's letter to the Romans

At my daughter's request and time permitting, I am taking her on a weekly walk through Romans, two chapters at a time. My initial reaction to her request was this is a difficult book from the New Testament. At least, it isn't as confusing as the last book: Revelation.

Christians will always have to get back to the light in Romans again and again. The teachings in Romans will refresh the church and over time, she will veer off from the path and need to rediscover and return to it. The Reformation as initiated by the friar Martin Luther comes to mind.

If you think you have grown in faith because you have become even more aware of God's grace, come back and read Romans. Do not be surprised you learn a few more things from it, and this is not only for knowledge but have practical use as well. It will shift your attitude, change your heart.

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