Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ministers Pay: The solution is also the problem

Goh Chok Tong thoughts on this matter is still stuck in the 90s. If high pay were a beautiful solution voters would have gladly accepted if after decades of this experiment. In fact the opposite is true.

Now we have a problem that clearly cannot be solved by money. The example of Edwin Tong suffering a pay cut from $2 million to $500K was just convenient because he is a senior counsel. Almost all the ministers cannot get what the government pay them if they leave their jobs today. They are fond of picking lawyers and doctors as their examples. What about the generals? What about retired permanent secretaries?

When these leaders by and large cannot get the pay government pay them if they leave the service, their big pay package is indeed a problem. Just ask their wives. And when they serve it is not a sacrifice for most of them unless they were former lawyers doctors and bankers or CEOs of the largest companies. This only read like some and not the majority of them especially former army officers.

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