Thursday, July 5, 2018

Singtel fiber broadband down

Last October Singtel had a 24 hour outage which I have forgotten and tells me I need to make a record of it here. Yesterday their service was down for more than three hours in the morning. A savvy user given his technical background knew he might his luck solving the problem by switching DNS servers. That 23 year old undegrad mentioned in the story, he should have used his phone to connect to the Internet. It pays to be an intelligent and informed user especially when you know such incidents had happened before.

Work wise Singtel likely have scrimped on maintenance and monitoring - the business is not doing well. If not then on inadequate training and supervision since they have ruled out a cyber attack, an area of expertise they are investing heavily in these days.

Is Singtel doing a SMRT on us? Well the last big service failure was less than a year ago. We shall see if the next one is measured in months or years. It should be almost never except for few brief minutes, which should also be very rare.

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