Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Nutty Genius" - Elon Musk

At a Whatsapp group chat a few days ago, someone posted this.

and my response.

A couple of days later, I found this either at NYT or WSJ

"Minisubmarine" that is the noun a hyper salesman would use. More like an underwater life support capsule which an engineer would more accurately describe. Between the engineer and salesman in Elon Musk, the salesman won. Meanwhile I can imagine our girl saying, "Don't call me inane, I told you a minisub is doable!"

Face palm! Our society is stuffed with technology and even more tech tomorrow. We need to make Science more accessible to those who aren't inclined. They need to be better informed as voters.

Update: 8:50 am

Just found this Today story. It also has a clip on how the mini-sub works.

Update: 3:35 pm

I don't think I would make those remarks much less hold just views about Elon Musk after reading the Guardian story. Methinks Kausikan read too much into Elon Musk character. Whatever, the Thais clearly on hindsight had done the right things all the thirteen would not have been alive and well now.

Update: July 14 3:00 pm

So I was right to call Elon Musk "Nutty" but now I can call him nutty instead

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