Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cave rescue heroes

The cave rescuers insit they are not heroes - something to remember always. This takes me to the parable of the Goats and the Sheep told by Jesus.

Blaise Pascal put it more succinctly as:

I speculated how Pascal might have come to that conclusion.

There are four possible types of people given the righteous and sinners in a 4x4 matrix

1. sinners who think they are sinners
2. sinners who think they are righteous
3. righteous who think they are righteous
4. righteous who think they are sinners

Those in Group 1 will quickly become either Group 2 or 4. The time in Group 1 is very short because we can't live with it. Christian conversion is supposed to take you from Group 2 to Group 4 via Group 1 but very often they return to Group 2 instead with a new label of Christian.

Group 3 does not exist on our planet except when Jesus was here in human form and even that he humbled himself and acted like in Group 4 beginning with John's baptism out of his love for us.

Back to the cave rescuers, they are heroes who think they are not. They really are.

Finally here is a dramatization of someone who had become righteous but continue correctly to think himself as a sinner.

John Newton the composer of the song Amazing Grace. He was Jesus Sheep and he was Pascal's the righteous who think they are sinners. Without that reality lives are not change and Christian conversion or being born again is just self and mass delusion.

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