Monday, February 19, 2018

Chinese New Year?

Now I want to record this unusual CNY as quickly as possible.

This morning as I drove out of the car park, I realized it is a school holiday. Traffic on our roads were light. I had to be reminded it is still CNY.

Previous to the last Sunday we had our reunion lunch at my brother's place. For the first time I was late because I forgot to prepare the ang pows for my nephew and niece and had to return home to prepare.

We also have an unusual reunion meal, i.e., it is like any occasional get together makan. We did not have yusheng like every year before.

But did we missed anything as a result? No.

I did not prepare ang pows for the children because I was busy. This year I transferred money into their accounts via e-banking. I said which do you prefer? Cash in ang pows which will not be much or direct transfers to their bank accounts. Needless to say more money is better.

The next day we visited our relatives as usual early in the morning before other visitors arrive. This time I gave only one ang pow to my nephew. I remember I used to give out about ten but over the years I gave fewer and fewer as they got married and mostly with no kids yet.

My children received their ang pows as usual but with a hilarious difference. In the car they opened their ang pows and found there was no money inside.

No, we weren't offended. Kinship is stronger than money despite meeting them only at weddings and during CNY. I just felt that I am not alone in caring less about CNY when I saw that I am not alone in being careless. We don't need the traditions and customs to tell us we are family. We have become so practical.

But we might also have become tired and that is something to be concerned.

What would CNY be like next year? I am not thinking about it.

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