Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to be the perfect partner to Trump's America

I caught the brief statements by both of them but before that I also saw this a day earlier.

Well Najib visited earlier and stayed at the Trump hotel. We have been honored once more to be invited to Blair House instead. 

When I imagined how different we would have conducted ourselves if it had been President Hillary Clinton, it was amusing to watch how we adapted so adroitly and perfectly to a President Trump.

I can easily imagine how after this Trump would press every foreign partner why they can't have the same sort of relationship that America is having with Singapore. Trump would ignore the glaring fact that each partner is different. That sort of attitude comes from being the world's top dog, which for a long time the US have often refrained from asserting themselves.

Most important, we do this first and foremost for us than the Americans but they cannot failed to think that we have put them first as well. It is impressive how we adapted to an unusual administration with an incompetent president.

No TPP is like they say, "No fish, prawn also good"

It was a home run for us. I only wished years ago the PM also understood the importance of getting the MRT right.

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