Monday, August 7, 2017

MTR 10-hour train delay

This is not our MRT but the standard setting HK MTR. I was keen to study the difference between them and us during such an event.

I don't track such things closely enough to compare the potential penalties they face vis a vis our MRT in an incident like this. What is noteworthy though is that they have a much clearer idea of what went wrong. For us, we would simply have said, "signaling fault". With them they explained how three computers controlling the signaling to ensure the tracks are safe had experienced an unprecedented failure, which had not happened in well over ten years. In other words they know their system much better than we know ours. For us, we cannot even anticipate a sliding door coming off its rollers and intermittently tripping the power. Looks like we have a near impossible problem and the solution is to replace many bits of the system gradually until we know the behavior and health of each bit. This will take many years. The government and operators screwed up but never come clean about it and so we also never stopped getting angry with them. I believe HK commuters would mostly just brushed off this rare delay. Here we would asked for heads to roll but of course to no avail. What for? Rolling heads will not solve our problems. The guys now in charge for fixing our system aren't the ones who created the problems in the first place but they are getting all the brickbats.

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