Saturday, July 8, 2017

Volunteer divers, the siblings and LHL

These do-gooders get it and will frequently do better job than the tax payer funded ones.

This line from the story captures the values of this group of life-savers. Not mentioned but I would understand it that every single life saved is the most important, and if they had only saved one that would be good enough. Sure they had saved many as well.

Running public services and companies, to be realistic you cannot avid numbers based KPIs. Being practical keep us going but only ideals secure our future and check moral corruption. In this sense, I personally feel that the siblings were too idealistic and the PM too realistic.

I probably can take my chance with the presidential elections to protest the PAP lack of idealism which must turn their values hypocritical over time. As a realist I would still feel compelled to vote for them to form the government because there is not other viable choice.

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