Sunday, July 16, 2017

Halimah Yacob will run for President

I imagine as President you would be a rubber stamp one. What check would you be towards the government of the day? I think you are a good person but your loyalty would still be to the PAP even when you cease to be a member. There is too much tribalism and too little independence from the PAP. It is as always party above nation for you guys.

It is the same predictable script. First you say you would consider or indicate then it happens.

I hope the Malay community can offer someone who does not need any special approval from the committee because he or she fails to meet every requirement to stand for election. On that score Mr. Mohammed Salleh Marican and Mr. Farid Khan Kaim Khan do not qualify. Also will the Malay community accept Khan as one of them? He culturally but not racially Malay.


  1. Meaningless exercises promote cynicism. Singapore is really becoming like a communist state. All appearances , no substance, stage managed to scripts. Those of us who grew up witnessing the dynamism of Singaporeans in the 60's and 70's and even 80's will find this sad. We have well paid but pathetic leaders who cannot energize the country. All the nails that stand out have been hammered down, save one. And he is not a nail but a thumb tack.

  2. the thing about singapore is that it is unique, i mean superly unique. you curse and swear about your rights till your face turn black but when it's voting rights it's always given to the whites.