Sunday, April 23, 2017

The changed drug addiction scene

The drug abuse landscape is becoming like those among the elites in western society.

See CNA story.

and the TV program now available at Toggle.

We have never solved this problem and it also keep changing.

To be realistic we will from the public policy angle make more progress here as a public health issue than a moral one. To drill this down to its core it remains a moral issue. In the program one ex-addict finally gave up his habit for good because of his daughter.

We become what we loved.

All drug addicts are sinners but not all sinners are drug addicts. Every sinner is like a stem cell programmed as a potential drug abuser, adulterer, murderer, thief etc., and if you escape all of the crimes and vices it is hard to avoid the last sin: Pride. You become a hypocrite, more incurable than any of the other conditions.

That is why for society sake, it is more realistic to deal with drug addiction as a public health issue.

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