Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Assad's Chemical Attack...

A Syrian peace solution which keeps Assad in power? Pretty hard to stomach. Only Trump could do that and subsequently future American presidents and history can blame him.

Trump can be useful to do some of the dirtiest work which could stain America forever because he is the atypical president. This is an option not available to the Chinese Communist Party or our PAP.

Let's get real, this is a messy world and try as hard as we could, we could never be good. That is why we need God's grace.

Update: April 6 12:50 pm

The widespread media reporting of this vile act means that Trump is not able to ignore it. As Obama discovered he couldn't act against Assad by bombing and invading Syria. Like North Korea there are no tidy solutions here, not even with any combination of the military and diplomatic. Choose the least bad, put America short term interest first as Obama had done because the long term is too uncertain with extremely high upfront costs. The American people are in no mood of foreign adventures. They are still living down the mistake Bush made invading Iraq.

America will have to roast in purgatory coming to terms the limits of its influence because of its hypocrisy over it overly vaunted universal values for mankind. Welcome to the real world. You can only keep your values if you have the courage and character to do so.

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