Thursday, March 16, 2017

MS Designer Bluetooth keyboard/mouse set for $61

When I asked the sales rep if the Bluetooth keyboard also came with the mouse she said yes. I reminded her they were selling the mouse for $45 standalone for $45. How could this be? But she insisted. I bought the set!

Late last year I bought the same thing for my daughter for about $118 after a 20% discount. At $61 they are giving a 56% discount! I must be stupid to say no and now I felt like I ought to have bought several sets. This is a very very good keyboard.

Something tells me if I were to visit them again, it wouldn't be $61 any more.

Meanwhile I just damaged another keyboard (HP K400) from simply hard and honest use.

The letter D no longer works properly. I have to strike it hard or slowly and firmly for it to register. I have been running through several keyboards and mouse recently. I am definitely working a lot harder these days. It has become much harder to be regular with blogging as well.

Update: July 18 12:45 pm

Just requested replacement from Microsoft of an earlier set of the above. Better leave a copy of the receipt here. Just in case.

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