Wednesday, March 15, 2017

From engineers to data scientists

If you do not have passion for engineering and most students would not, then they would opt for Data Science aka Big Data work over engineering. That is the new growth area. That is how the daughter is thinking at the moment. She is confident that she would find engineering studies very doable but what do engineers do after they graduate? The more she researched and what she discovered from talking to people at the various universities open houses, the surer she becomes that engineering is not for her.

The information she gathered from the media e.g., like this story Lim Swee Say shared as far as she is concerned did not help her to choose in favor of engineering.

Many of our high performing students are interested enough in their school work to do well in exams but the usually do not have clear passion in areas leading to obvious university courses and jobs. Most will end up applying to the schools that help them find a good job with good pay and career prospects.

For now Data Science would be much more popular than Engineering.

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