Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Only time understand the value of love

That is from the ST celebrating Valentine's Day, the stories of a few couples from young to mature love. It caused me to recall a fable I read long ago. There are many slightly different versions circulating and I had used an abridged one for a flash movie.

There used to be a very interesting and colorful island, inhabited by feelings – Sadness, Happiness, Richness, Vanity and Love. One day the feelings came to know that their island was on the verge of sinking and they would soon have to leave their favorite place.

Excepting Love, all other feelings began to construct boats for a safe departure. Love decided to hold on till the last moment. Ultimately it was only Love that was staying back. The island gradually began to sink and when it was almost completely sunk, Love was compelled to ask for help.

Suddenly, Love saw a grand boat approaching and found out that it belonged to Richness. Love earnestly asked, “Richness, could you please take me along?” Richness answered back promptly, “No Love, I am so much loaded with gold, silver and other riches that I hardly have any place left for you!” and sailed away.

Love kept waiting and saw a beautiful boat coming from a distance. When it came near, Love saw Vanity in it and pleaded, “Vanity, please help me and take me along with you.” Vanity looked at Love and said, “How can I help You, Love? Look at yourself! You are completely wet! I can’t let you damage my beautiful vessel!” Vanity too left Love and went away.

Shortly Love saw Sadness passing by and said, “Sadness, I hope you would not mind me going with you”. But Sadness replied, “Oh Love… how could I tell you how sad I am! I need to be by myself… I really can’t take you along.”

After Sadness left, Love saw Happiness passing by. But Happiness was so ecstatic with herself that she could not even hear Love calling her and sailed away to glory.

Love was left all alone with no one to ask for help. Suddenly Love heard an elderly voice saying, “Love, I want to take you along; please come with me”. Love was so overwhelmed that she did not even ask where they were heading to. She even forgot to ask who this kind elder was. On reaching a dry land, the elder left. There Love met Knowledge, another wise and elegant elder.

Feeling grateful, Love asked Knowledge who the elderly savior was and why she helped Love when all other had refused. Knowledge smiled and said, “That was Time; and only Time can understand the true value of Love!

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