Friday, January 6, 2017

What Trump isn't

What a role model! Jim Dwyer cheekily compared him in this NYT story. Such a pleasure to read and a person absolutely worthy as an example to the wealthy. If only the super rich would only be a quarter as generous as him, there would be no wealth gap in the world and it would be hard to imagine the conditions would have existed for Trump to be president. There wouldn't be the great financial cisis of 2008 either. All simply because of a different sort of money values.

Charles Feeney is not well known but I had come across him sometime back. A good way to understand him is to see Donald Trump life lived backwards. This is not my imagination but Dwyer's.

Update: 5:20 pm

Made my day! Many are reading the right things. It is now at number five and I hope it trends up.

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