Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You don't need the best people?

My sis posted this to her Facebook page. I wonder if the story has what I sometimes told the children. Many employers only think and say they look for the best people but at the end of the day are simply hiring good enough ones. My favorite example are the non Chinese speaking doctors and nurses in our restructured hospitals. In the interest of controlling cost cum delivering better financial performance please be there to be the language interpreter for your parents when they visit our hospitals.

Friends used to complain until we are too sick to repeat ourselves any more that a lot of foreign talent here aren't as good as locals. That is because locals are more than good enough and some employers do not need locally trained quality. Sure foreigners bring some skills that are not available locally but they are not as important as they are much cheaper to hire.

You don't need the best people, you only need them to be good enough and that is why for those employed in such positions which are the majority of jobs, it is hard to get your pay up. 

Here is the link to the story in Fast Company which missed the elephant in the room. Being able to figure what is missing from what is published is more important that than what is read. It was a skill I thought they were trying to introduce to our kids when they did social studies in upper secondary school when evaluating information sources, but too many teachers and kids were engrossed in how to game it to get an A1. So I took it upon myself to teach my kids after the exams through informal conversation. They might not even be aware what I was up to.

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