Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trump not like Reagan

PBS asked, how similar are Trump and Reagan? In less than six minutes they highlighted the salient points. Anyway Reagan was always smarter than Trump and also incomparably more morally anchored but that is not discussed in the clip.

Trump is a disgrace not just to the Presidency but also to America and what it takes to be a billionaire, which if he would only share his tax returns would probably reveal he isn't one.

Trump has gone around repeating he won the electoral college by a landslide. He didn't but Reagan did. On the other hand with Congress and Senate with him he is more powerful than Reagan, so I hope on December 19 we have a Black Swan event when the electors failed to give him the minimum 270 votes. It is a patriotic thing to do.

Americans chose Trump by voting for him and more by failing to show up to vote. It is their job to fix the mess they have dug up for themselves and us hapless price takers.

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