Sunday, December 4, 2016

Indonesian Politics: Will of people strategy

Just read this story in the JP. 500,000 people turned up for Friday prayers in a show of force against Jakarta mayor "Ahok"

I thought the video implicated Ahok was edited to make him look guilty? How on earth did the AG decide there is a case to prosecute him? But this is not about the law or justice. It is politics, and if you elect a government through the ballot box then bringing lots of people onto the streets as a show of force, a proxy for the people's will is what they do everywhere to arc the future in their favor. The easiest and quickest but very dangerous response is the other side also gather their 500,000 or more people to make the counter statement of the people's will. This is rarely done as both sides are likely to end up fighting each other. You have to organize this in another city but that would not be Jakarta.

Looks like Ahok might end up as a sacrifice to keep Jokowi in power. Meanwhile Jakarta can continue to sink every year and over time the annual flooding will get worse. What can you expect when thy are all fighting for power than solving municipal problems.

Vile politicians conning gullible voters everywhere. Don't assume we are not vulnerable. We pass the test when it has become really hard to con our folks with financial scams, which we continue to score poorly.

This is a perverse world but with enough room for the hopes of the Desiderata. You always have to know in any situation who the sucker is. If you can't tell, it is likely to be you!

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