Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Adapting to a changing world order quickly

My ex boss sent me this earlier today and remarked she is shocked to read such a view from writer who is the head of the department of Strategy & Policy at NUS Business School.

My response to her as follows, trying to get used to the changing world order as quickly as possible.

With the election of Trump, the world is changing at warp speed. This don would never have contributed such an article if Hillary Clinton was elected. It woud simply be unacceptable.

Such views are always there but private. Trump's election legitimized their purblicity.

I tell myself better quickly understand what is happening than moping over what is lost. Just go back to the 70s and imagine the folks in power now looking back would view Nixon and Kissinger as having made a huge mistake to nanny China into the free world. So their attitude is to undo that mistake and all the follows. The Trump team will not listen to Kissinger and the smart Chinese should by now already know it is useless to get Kissinger input.

Demons have broken out of their prisons to wreak havoc upon us.

There is one and only one way for the US to accept the rise of China. Any other way will lead to war between them. America will never be secure and confident enough to allow China to be stronger than what she is already unless it is a democracy like the UK or itself. For decades their hope and they had faith that with economic prosperity the Chinese would demand democracy. Had they known this was never going to happen they would not even support China's admission to the WTO.

So in a sense this is quite simple: Either China converts to democracy when the Americans sent missionaries or else thy will mount a crusade against her.

They cannot understand why Taiwan and Korea could be democracies but not China and the enemy must be the CCP.

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  1. its china who is insecure selfish, and make problem

    not the reverse