Friday, November 25, 2016

Don't bother to decipher Trump

Don't waste your time trying to decipher Trump. It will be a thankless job and easy to get wrong. Just know the creature and you can anticipate him but that is for practical purposes. To analyse and write him up that would be difficult because he is happy to talk all over the place when he hasn't made up his mind or simply do not want to tell. For a man who lies naturally and constantly the only way to to work with him is to accept he is just like that. Now one to one or even in a business context it is not a problem but in diplomacy it is very dangerous. He doesn't realize that yet and in this aspect Duterte is a little ahead of him.

Fortunately Trump is a gut thinker if you can even call that thinking and definitely a shallow thinker. You simply have to know what he wants and that he makes clear. Just know that he is not bound by rules or ethics.

Snake oil salesman he is but America unlike his business has a lot more than snake oil. Meanwhile as I emailed my friend in Seattle shortly after he won the oval office that America's soft power is cancelled under Trump.

People are wishful out of desperation. A leopard especially an old one does not change its spots. All he does is hide them from your view. How? Through mendacity of course!

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