Saturday, September 24, 2016

All banks are iniquitous

I have waited to almost despairing to be proven right about banks. No bank is good and you just have to wait long enough to discover this is true. During the Great Financial Crisis a few banks stood virtuous e.g., Stanchart but that one has since been disgraced. Wells Fargo kept its reputation longer and even has Warren Buffett as a major investor. Then their shenanigans were uncovered and I saw Elizabeth Warren excoriated a sheepish looking Stumpf in the Senate hearing. Yes, some senior bankers ought to serve jail time, and you have to haul them within ten years of their felony. We are running out of time.

Link to story.

Years ago my ex boss said I was too cynical when I suggested this is exactly what banks are after I read it in the Economist.

Now if these banks aren't immoral it is only a matter of degree because regulators have been tough with the laws and watching them like hawks. Anytime regulators decide to be more commercial and develop the financial industry, they cannot but let the demons loose. Nearer home that is exactly what happened after LHL liberalized the banking sector. Afterward the stories of banks ripping clients off became serial, the latest is the sale unrated corporate bonds to mislabeled sophisticated investors.

I never let the bankers sell me anything. I do the shopping myself.

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