Sunday, July 3, 2016

Other pastors waiting to be jailed

One such pastor down, there must be some more to go. They probably know who they are but we don't. Time will expose them and each will have their moment of ignominy in the media. This is nothing exceptional. In Thailand it is the same but they are presented as saffron roped monks. For us it is pastors. How to tell? It is quite easy. Just examine the state of the religious community. If the the pastor presents as a tycoon Christ, live it up Jesus with the regular worship experience modeling on a band concert to match. Jesus as the self help guru perhaps but most important of all the word "SIN" is taboo. God has forgiven your sin past, present and future. There is no need to visit that issue. You see this happening and getting pervasive, they are also making such pastors like this one in the picture.

Then the churches is not where you find God but the door to somewhere else. Where else can it be right?

What is said in court judgement about the pastor and his victim.

In his 39-page judgment, District Judge Shawn Ho said both parties were like "chalk and cheese" - the pastor being "polished and glib" and Mr Tay "sincere, straightforward and artless".

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