Friday, July 15, 2016

Anxious about new PSLE?

I have been there done that. I am sure parents will always be anxious about the PSLE to the point that if the government scrapped it they will be anxious there is no PSLE. Government should already be smart about this behavior long ago.

The objective of the new PSLE from the little I have time for is that pupils no longer focus on beating their peers and shift their attention toward getting into the band they are aiming for. This is the same strategy we have been using in this household and I am sure we are not unique. What we have always done is to get the school's record and estimate the bands the kids need to be in in order to move on successfully. Say 70% of their secondary school cohort has 7 distinctions, 30% with 6A1s or better then if they are in the top 20% the chance of them getting into a good JC is very high. Then we repeat the same exercise using the JC past A level performance to target the results we want etc., which by then you want to at least have 4 H2 As.

MOE have simply made it easier for parents what I used to do with my children.

From my experience this new PSLE will for most families reduce academic stress and give them more confidence and time to pursue other interests. But to get rid of PSLE anxiety, forget it. That can only happen if you are a bo-chap parent or do not have any kids.

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