Monday, April 25, 2016

SMRT new trend: Tragic accidents

The report is out stating what is obvious for people with work site experience. This is in order that the the public would also know. Think of the dumbest reason possible and that is the reason why the tragic accident happen. Compare it against all other headline grabbing accidents they all have the same underlying cause: Negligence and "not so suay one" attitude toward safety. I complained earlier in another blog post a couple of days ago.

What the public cannot see or understand are where all the monkey business goes on, and there is plenty we are not privy to.

Given SMRT dismal track record do not be surprised more workers will die on the job. They are starting a new trend. There is no need to review safety procedures. The hell just comply with them and it will be alright. But what is the cost of compliance? Missing deadlines and dollars and cents leading to the stock price and the senior executives comp. Safety issues are the same all over the world. Remember BP's Deepwater Horizon? That is one huge example. You can have your pick anywhere anytime.

For failing to ensure a safety culture some pretty high up executives in SMRT ought to be booted out. Now they are busy trying to pass the buck with improving safety systems. It is not the system idiot, it is the behavior and the attitude that keep repeating unsafe actions. Until that change, wait for the next accident and big apology. Afterward it is business as usual for what the public cannot see.

Go look for someone working on maintenance in SMRT and hear, "Please don't quote me stories..."

Update: Apr 27 9:15 pm

I didn't have to wait very long for just the next example to prove the point in my main post. If I had waited perhaps just weeks for another death at work site accident story, the common features of why the tragedy happened would still be the same. Do people wonder why we never have bomb disposal officers getting killed while trying to defuse/dispose bombs? They follow safety procedures. 

People give short shrift to safety here. I do not know how many more need to die before they would wake up their idea. 

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