Monday, April 4, 2016

Lawrence Khong: Christian Worldview Series

I never bother with Lawrence Khong until he bothers our society especially over LGBT issues. On Singapore Daily today I came across a blog post on his latest series of sermons on the Christian Worldview. So I went to find out a little more.

"Truth is exclusive. It is never inclusive...." I think those words are only reserved for God to say because only he knows when and how to say it and get it right action wise. Lawrence Khong overreached if you asked me. He is just mere man. We all grasped the truth partially, so please don't act like you got it 100% Some humility is called for here.

Don't think so big when you have not succeeded at thinking small and practical. In times like this when religion is rising on the social and political agenda, a good and practical Christian is thinking of bringing the peacemaking effort of Christ to this world instead of cockiness over what is truth.

On Good Friday an insensitive non-Christian friend shared this with our chat group.

I am sure the Christians among us were offended but chose to keep quiet. I laughed it off and waited till Easter Sunday to respond as follows:

As peacemakers following the way of the Master who was tortured and crucified we chose not to be offended. As peacemakers not in thought and words only but with skin in the game, after you have done this let's see if you still have any appetite for Christian Worldview ala Lawrence Khong.

What is truth for humans who is always discovering and learning the truth? I thought Robert Brault put it well:

Love thy neighbor and if it requires that you bend the truth, the truth will understand. 

and also by Mr. Brault

Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, 
for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true. 

You want to know the truth simply through Bible Study? That is not going to happen until you get real, until you live it. Lawrence Khong doesn't understand the spirit of the Gospel or Christ. Keep going Lawrence and like I warned before, some day the ISD will invite you for coffee. Then you would say you are being persecuted for Christ's sake eh?


  1. Really appreciate your posts, sir, especially this one.

    I'm a follower of the Way too. Can't stand the cockiness of those followers and their (human) shepherds who presume they have the whole truth on their side. They are the Pharisees of the 21st century.

    1. I find Lawrence Khong very aggravating. I have no time or I would have trucked out even more devastating arguments. With guys like him here and his counterparts in America, the Way is being compromised inside like Daesh has been doing for Islam.

      I thank God for Pope Francis.

  2. The way of peace, they know not. However, useless gestures of love, a plenty they mislead.
    The net outcome of idolatrous religion is not worth the bloody price paid for the good reaped.

    You can't proclaim to know Jesus without trashing Christianity and its absurdities. To keep idolatry alive is to keep the blood of the innocent flowing.

  3. If Truth (and faithful) is not inclusive, Lawrence Khong would have let Jesus died in vain.

  4. What died was the king of Kings. And he wiped away the chessboard. But you guys are still playing chess

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