Saturday, April 16, 2016

I can only offer prayers

"I can only pray for you all" those were the words my aunt kept repeating when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. She goes to mass every morning since I was little and prays for all of us. One day she will discover that was the most important and best gift ever. So why did she said that? Because most people want something more concrete than prayers. They want what they want which only include submitting to God provided it is convenient. But God is never convenient.

Do not pray like the little girl I blogged about two days ago was taught. Most who fail to move beyond that would eventually give up. Most people do not pray and the way so many churches are run combining management best practice and corralled passages of the Bible to support their choices suggest as much. They have made their choice and will have to accept the results.

I didn't tell my aunt prayers is all we need and covet. After all she could no longer get my daughter's name right for many years. Let her be and what she is doing is appreciated and accepted. Yes, she is getting older and the pace seems to be accelerating.


  1. May the good Lord bless you and your Aunt always. God bless/Michael