Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cancer incidence in perspective

Increase of incidence of cancer goes hand in hand with an ageing population. The hard facts aka numbers help one put in perspective how the dice is loaded. I have often across articles which suggest that 1 in 4 of us will have cancer in our lifetimes. At the personal level I think I have too many friends who have had a brush with cancer. On the other hand cancer among my relatives seem much rarer. I am not even thinking about my cousins but uncles and aunties.


  1. "Increase of incidence of cancer goes hand in hand with an ageing population." - this is a sweeping statement, unless you can proof it with "hard facts" correlating it with actual age of cancer patient.

    Here's just 2 examples :

    1. "Colon cancer rates rising in people under 50"-

    2. "Study: More Young Women Being Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer" -

    Please be helpful, this is a serious illness, it has grievous and lasting impact to a person and their love ones. Do them a favour, please don't muck around with statistics, thankyou !!

    1. Thanks for the links you provided especially the first one which I have not yet come across. Your last paragraph makes me wonder if you or a loved one has been touched by cancer.

      I have some young friends fighting breast cancer and another one in her twenties with advanced colon cancer. They are often on my mind. Recently I also ponder over Dr. Michael Leong death due to colon cancer.

      Do note that they are not at this time recommending any changes to how colorectal cancer is screened.