Thursday, February 11, 2016

Uncertainty in US national elections

I have been waiting for a very long time for tidal voters backlash to a dysfunctional and self serving Washington DC. Looks like it has arrived! The only thing I knew was this would come before they could do anything substantial about gun ownership.

Hillary Clinton should consider herself fortunate that it has arrived at this point. She gets her wake up call here.

No more theater for any of us outside America. The race is getting scary. More people should understand why this story made it to the front page today.

Well in the end it is the uncertainty that is frightening us isn't it? Whoever occupies the White House will as usual discover his or her hands are tied but this is untrue in matters of foreign policy and security, i.e., the impact on folks like us. However everyone in the House and on the Hill must not underestimate how angry the voters have become. Change will come better late than never.


  1. The new world order

    1. We like to think of world orders because that is what we have experienced and learned about in history. It might be there is no order for a long time simply because if an order is emerging, its shape is still invisible. Well we could be witnessing the existing one being worn down. If so there it is too early to speak of a new world order. Therefore for the forever price taking SG, in such moments of uncertainty we have to be imaginative to see and seize opportunities.

  2. It is very unlikely that either of them will taking the oath of office at the white house next year. Even if there do, the realities of holding power in office should bring back to earth. And I won't imagine the Senate and Congress being too helpful in this case as well.

  3. this is one inauguration that will open wide hell doors