Monday, February 29, 2016

Robots replacing the white collars

Read this NYT article which was also printed in our Sunday Times over the weekend.

And saw this in my email this morning. So what is the plot? It is in the next picture.

Preparing our kids of new jobs. To be able to talk to and instruct a computer will become basic and likely there will be a severe shortage of such people around.

and are they changing the way they do things? Because what they wanted to do but was impractical has now become possible and will give them a leg up against their competitors. It is not a matter of doing the same faster and more reliably. It is doing a differently and better.

This is the outcome of the changes that is ongoing in the workplace: a very small number of high-paying jobs destroying a very large number of fairly high-paying jobs. Even Warren Buffett in his latest chairman's letter is openly worrying about this trend. This problem cannot be dealt with without strengthening social safety nets.

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