Friday, January 1, 2016

Visiting President Wee on New Year's Day

We begun last year with visiting my in-laws and mom niches at the Mandai Columbarium. We have done the same this year. We also dropped by after Qing Ming for obvious reasons. We have been back at least twice every year for more than ten years.

Ten years ago, we visited President Wee's niche. We paid him our respect again this afternoon. I am impressed he still have fresh flowers (the yellow orchid).

The daughter also spotted his late parents' and other relatives niches nearby.

That is President Wee's parents.

And a photo I took of the President's niche seven months after he passed away. Then he had only fresh flowers.

Update: Jan 5 9:45pm

Kept this pic in my Dropbox for so long. This is the place to keep it permanently.

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