Friday, December 4, 2015

Which Bathroom Tissues

For a long time we didn't know we were buying APP paper products. So when the haze came upon SG and we punished them for being a contributor to the pollution, Fairprice and other supermarts removed APP goods from the shelves. Now we have to select by trial and error which bathroom tissues to buy again.

We began by taking a chance with this and it was a poor choice.

Nothing remotely like gold at all. Since we got it, we used all of it promising ourselves never to buy any more.

On one visit to Fairprice, a promoter was curiously carrying a toilet roll and recommending this.

Excellent choice. It performs as advertised. No details necessary eh?


  1. Hi,

    I used to buy Paseo 4-ply toilet papers as I found the 3-ply too thin but Paseo is now withdrawn. I tried Scotts and didn't like it. Kleenek is too expensive for toilet use.

    Since you tried the Onward brand could you help inform if the 2-ply is thin too. I checked at Fairprice and note that Onward only has 2-ply.

    Thank you very much.

    1. The pic I show is 3-ply by Onward. Yes they have the 2-ply ones as well but the picture in the packaging is different.