Thursday, December 10, 2015

There are no instant terrorists

Just as I thought there are no instant terrorists. With determination, technology and the right laws it should be possible to catch most of them in the early stages when they are being radicalized. The tougher the laws the lower the cost on the tax payer but also at the expense of losing our privacy. Each society has to decide the balance they want to strike. In Singapore most of us would clearly vote for less privacy. What is the use of freedom if you run the high chance of dying? What is the meaning of "give me freedom or give me death"?

I expect the arm chair and real life answers are very different.

Update: Dec 15 3:20pm

What liberty and privacy? Just as some of us have guessed security ranks ahead because officials in charge of homeland security would not be able to answer to their tasks if they don't stop terrorism with this additional measure. America had just learned the lesson the hard way. They would have done the same with guns long ago if not for the NRA.


  1. Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one - Benjamin Franklin

    1. Like countless others you have quoted Ben Franklin out of context. See

      Each time we see dimwitted or irresponsible politicians quote anything be very careful.

    2. fully agreed with you, PengYou
      Just like how those pastors quote the bible to justify their own agenda and hijack Jesus

    3. perhaps you havent realized a kind of time you living at now. that regardless misquote or not, has point.

      lets see, its an interesting time.