Saturday, November 21, 2015

Which diet plan works

Finally the science is starting to confirm my hunch all along. The diet to control weight is personal. Truly one man's meat is another's poison here.

There is one strategy that would work most of the time and you would know quickly to adjust if it didn't: don't eat till you are full. If this doesn't work, change the diet.

Sure stress can also complicate a person's diet plan with an additional variable which makes it very confusing what works for you.

In the end it is best to learn to listen to your body but it is also terribly hard to explain how to do it. I once had a frozen shoulder and I massaged myself out of the problem. A similarly afflicted friend when to see the orthopedic surgeon which recommended surgery. He refused and finally chanced upon trigger point therapy. It worked for him.

To listen to your body successfully you need to achieve the right balance between confidence and fear. That is the starting point of listening objectively. Most people lean one way or the other and so failed to get this right.

The fact that the one size fit all diet plan has turned out to be the holy grail of managing weigh should have hinted long ago that everyone needs a custom solution right? But it is always so hard to get people thinking outside of the trench they had already fallen into long ago.

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