Friday, November 27, 2015

Wasted money on a Prolink Keyboard

Bought this Prolink keyboard from Sitex yesterday for only $27 but the happiness of getting something good and cheap evaporated when I discover they fail to pack in the nano receiver! I called up Cybermind at Sim Lim Square (they are the good guys, no friends of Jover types) but they insisted I bring the product back to Sitex for an exchange. Well I am not spending money on petrol, parking and most important my time to save $27. I told him on the phone I am going to throw this Prolink away. It is not their fault anyway. Prolink did a bad job. Then he pleaded with me to wait till Tuesday and bring the product to Sim Lim Square. They will make the exchange for me but I don't think I want to bother. I would have bought the Arc Keyboard but they raise the price from $49 to $75. I am not paying that especially when my last one didn't even last two years.

I rediscovered my old Logitech K270 when I searched the cupboards. I am going to use that for now. Quite happy finally to be able to get the unifying receiver to work with my M235 mouse as well.

Update: Dec 6 3:35 pm

As we had lunch at Fatty's this afternoon, we took the opportunity to pop by Cybermind and got a one for one exchange, no questions asked. Quite pleased with Cybermind.

Now I have packed it away as a dumb spare. Prolink really don't make their stuff very well e.g., it is not easy to pull out the batteries from the mouse.

Really better off staying with Logitech or Microsoft.

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