Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Egypt: Fools for failing to get real

Why are some countries e.g, Egypt such losers? The short and quick answer is that they consistently fail to get real with the facts. This time it is this air crash and there will will be many things else down the road as that had been before. Sure, the cause of the crash is not yet irrefutably confirmed but people making decisions that affect the lives of people must apply Occam's Razor. That would lead to an explosive device set off when the plane was flying.

Well Egypt is far away but a useful model to help us understand some of our neighboring countries which also often fail to get real and therefore keep sabotaging themselves.

Keep staying foolish Egypt and the world will pass you by.

Update: 6:55 pm

Just convenient I come across this after the above. Malaysian leader played politics and failed to have the sense of reality regarding the importance of English. They are paying the price now.

You can find equivalent stories for each of our ASEAN neighbors.

Najib is still in denial.

“I know there are students who score a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 3.5, sometimes up to 4, and still cannot get a job because they cannot convince their interviewers that they have what it takes to lead. 

 “They lack leadership skills and the ability to articulate well,”

They always are in denial or they would have fixed their problem.

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