Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chew Eng Han as conscience for Kong Hee

I read this story in PDF but here is a link to the online version. Earlier I had done two e-paper cuttings from the article.

The defense said the six of them did not materially benefit from their financial deception. I think this is only true because of the manner CAD had chosen to frame the case and prosecute them. Not sure about the five but Kong Hee culpability was clear as day isn't it?

Kong Hee and Ho Yeow Sun didn't live it up with their salaries. They have a very large discretionary account not well known to members except from the most brainwashed for financing their luxurious lifestyles.

Chew Eng Han was clearly unfortunate. I can imagine lots of people would have fallen into this trap but were not chosen.

Comments on Facebook show that this sentiment is widely shared.

Viewing this case holistically from the moral and religious perspective, Kong Hee is guilty as hell. Like my lawyer friend remarked to me yesterday, Kong Hee got off very lightly. With aged parents and two deaf-mute siblings, Kong Hee should have been mindful how much his family needed and depended on him. A most unfilial son.

Update: 10pm

As usual TNP value added is not to be shy about the embarrassing details. Well it actually showed much restraint already but is much more than ST is willing to share. The 17,000 remaining suckers with CHC ought to buy and read TNP for this story! Raffles Institution must have dearly wished they never had someone like Kong Hee as a pupil.

Update: Nov 24 9:15am

Mothership suggested that it is only fair MSM should grant the six leaders from CHC to share their views on this matter.

Well I think it didn't occur to Mothership that perhaps CHC do not want to provide the other side of the story! They are the ones who loved to carry out activities in the dark. Why would they want to bring it out into the light? There is nothing praiseworthy except to their brainwashed flock who had been trained how to interpret evidence.

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