Saturday, November 28, 2015

Adam Lambert: Christian self defeating petition

I am glad that I had no time to blog about this earlier today. Mothership has done a much better job than I could which very closely reflected my thinking on this matter. Therefore I can just add what is missing in their article.

Someone in a WhatsApp chat I participate in had posted the petition to the group urging us to go and sign the petition against Adam Lambert performing at Count Down 2016 two days ago. I pretty much explained to the group what Mothership had put up at their article. However I also added that whilst faith makes people wise and free, religion often makes them stupider. I was amazed the sponsors of the petition could imagine this was the right thing to do. They can be sure this will not even go down well with the public and should consider themselves doubly fortunate if much of Singapore's society mostly just ignore them.

I also find it unacceptable the petition sponsors were anonymous which led me to suspect the usual personalities and organizations. Quickly the name that surface in my mind is none other than Lawrence Khong.

Personally I am against the lewd performances which Adam Lambert had put up in some concerts, but beyond that I know almost nothing about him other than he came in runner up in American Idol once. Now if he conducts himself appropriately whilst in Singapore I have no problem with that but I am also not showing up for that concert or even watch it on TV.

At the end of the day the Christians look like losers from these thoughtless initiatives. If they want to show society their way is the better way, do so not with talking and protesting but with good lives. As is, it is often impossible to tell apart the Christians from non Christians. If they are already light of the world then they didn't need to come up with this petition. Because they fail to assert the positive influence in society they hoped which the Bible tells them they ought to they have resorted to such silly self defeating antics.

Update: Dec 8 12:45pm

Hear some common sense from LKY himself. He explained himself to NUS students in 1990 shortly before he stepped down as PM.


  1. Though I am not in favour of such performer (in the long league of alice cooper, madonna, lady gaga ....) I am glad not to sign the petition as I suspected who's behind it. That is enough to know it is not going to work as the apostle (and his sheep) can be very hard-headed and arrogant and perhaps with own agenda. If we really want to keep our young and children from the wrong influence, do it in one's own home itself. Rallying around some religious branding (which actually look more than a club, association, cult.. with God as a tag) will only be self-defeating.

  2. Just reading the recent case of that daughter doctor threatening the father doctor over church tithes, I really wonder if the church which receives the money is here to divide or to unite?