Saturday, October 10, 2015

Unhappy Dental Scene here

This is good and I am happy for these foreign workers. This is also worrying as it is obvious demand grossly exceed supply but I suppose the majority of foreign workers might in the end not know about this or something else will prevent them from showing up at this clinic for treatment. I hope to be totally wrong here and be ambushed by media reports later to the contrary. At that time how are they going to meet demand? We can't even meet local demand without stratospheric prices now. I am faulting MOH for botching up on this.

These days I try to avoid the private dental clinics because I find increasingly they are become less dental practitioners and more business people in the beauty trade, too eager to recommend unnecessary procedures. We tried NTUC denticare and to be generous to them are no better. I am now with the polyclinic but the waiting time is very long. At least they don't try to con you into doing unnecessary jobs.

Dental care here is going downhill. When is it going to turn the corner, if ever? Some people have crossed over to Johor Bahru to get their routine scaling done. A friend also went there to replace his dentures because his dentist here insist on doing an implant costing a few thousand dollars.

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