Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goldman Analysts failed to cheat well enough

Let's get real here. In the first place Goldman Sachs have ethics but no morals. That is only true if you redefine ethics. Just to name some of their biggest con jobs. They cheated the Libyan sovereign wealth fund; they taught Greece how to deceive the European Union; nearer home they try to help 1MDB to put it mildly cover up unacceptable activities.

The problem with these 20 weren't thatthey were dishonest but they were clumsy and stupid about it. You should have kept your defrauding skills for the big jobs and work honestly to pass such mundane in-house tests.

So these analysts weren't fired for cheating but for not knowing how to be long term greedy and cheat better!

Didn't know I haven't thrashed this yet. This was four days ago. They ought to suffer the same fate as the late Arthur Andersen.

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