Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Excellent story telling: Our Guardians, Our Home Team

I like this alternative media site Mothership. SG very much. They were quite helpful and useful during the last GE and I have never registered my appreciation. I think today is the right time to do so. They have very often brought me the stuff I need to read.

I hunted down on YouTube the two clips the Home Team had produced: Our Guardians.

Episode 1

Mothership shared Episode 2 which led me to discover Episode 1 above.

Of course these videos are idealized but if they are seen as motivational and aspirational they would have exceeded their purpose. Wasn't it MOE who first started something like this for teachers? They no longer have problems hiring their share of the best. Some of my children's teachers were former police officers and judging from their recollections of their experience in the force, I think MHA must do more. It is not just the pay which must be adequate. It has gotta be meaningful as well.

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